The US Forest Service is preparing to begin re-opening recreation sites and campgrounds throughout Arizona over the next few days with many of the sites opening between May 15th and May 20th. There are six National Forests within Arizona and details on individual sites, opening dates, reservations and permits can be found on the individual forest service websites.

Tonto National Forest

Coconino National Forest

Coronado National Forest

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

Prescott National Forest

Kaibab National Forest

Please remember that fire restrictions, including restrictions on target shooting, remain in effect throughout the state as we have had a wet winter and fire danger is high. Forest fires can be devastating to our natural lands and public resources.

Also, please be respectful when using public lands and pack out your trash. There have been several issues already this year with people leaving behind heaps of trash at campsites and recreation areas. These are our lands and we are responsible for maintaining them and keeping them clean. Leaving behind trash is disrespectful to the natural environment, the animals that call these areas home and other people who come behind you to use these areas. Please set a good example for others and help keep our public lands open and accessible.

Most of all, enjoy your time outdoors with your friends and families, make lots of great memories and have fun. Happy Camping!

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