A Mountainside Bursting with Gold – Flagstaff’s Inner Basin Trail

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona is not just a dusty desert filled with cactus and tumbleweeds. While that is something you will find a lot of in Arizona, there is much more to the landscape of this great state. Among the landscape of Arizona you will also find canyons, rivers, lakes, forests, grass lands and…


Time for a Change

My father called it Indian Summer, that special time of year when fall has begun, but despite getting shorter the days are still hot, and the sky remains the brightest of blue. When something in the atmosphere can’t decide if it is time yet to move on. Those days we are teased with the idea…

Hiking Horton Creek Trail near Payson, Arizona

Horton Creek Trail is a fairly easy 3.5 mile out and back hike. It has a slight uphill grade, a pretty little creek and lots of shade along the way. The creek is fairly shallow with small pools and lots of pretty little waterfalls, and culminates at Horton Spring which bubbles cool clear water from the hillside. You’ll see wild strawberries, blackberries and grapes growing along the creek, but watch out for poison ivy.