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Salome Jug is a slot canyon located near Roosevelt Lake in the Sierra Ancha Wilderness. It is fairly easily accessible from Highway 188 on A Cross road, but a high clearance, four wheel drive vehicle is recommended. It’s a short, fairly easy hike to the creek bed, only about a mile and half,

salome jug hike

but the canyon itself is technical, and can change dramatically from year to year, depending on water flow, rocks and debris. Navigating the canyon requires hiking, swimming in cold water, salome jug swim

rock climbing and rapelling an approximately 45 foot waterfall.

salome jug rappel

But the scenery is incredible, offering smooth, colorful rock walls sculpted by wind and water, numerous waterfalls, and beautiful desert views.

salome jug slot canyon

salome jug slot canyon waterfalls

You should not go alone, and you should be reasonably physically fit, have some canyoneering and/or rock climbing experience. Make sure to bring a rope (at least 100 ft), harness and plenty of drinking water.

Temperatures can be extremely hot (>100 degrees) getting in and out of the canyon, but once you get in the water it is exhilarating, especially in the shade of the canyon. If you go early in the season, you might even choose to wear a wetsuit.

salome jug shivering

salome jug wetsuit

The whole trip is about 5 miles, but plan a full day for the drive there and back, and to enjoy the beautiful views in the canyon.

This area is full of desert wildlife, so there is a good chance you will see some critters along the way.

salome jug toad

salome jug mud hen

salome jug centipede

Watch out for snakes!

salome jug snake

And most of all have fun!

salome jug fun

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