Here in Arizona the heat becomes totally unbearable in the summer time. As of this update, Its currently only April and temperatures have already reached triple digits. With summer temperatures routinely reaching above 115 degrees, we try to find any way we can to stay out of the heat and keep cool. But what about our little buddies, our four legged friends, our dogs. They need to cool off too.

Here are 6 easy ways to help your furry friends beat the summer heat this year.

1. Keep them well hydrated! We have all heard about the importance of staying well hydrated when we are out in the heat. Having plenty of fresh drinking water is important not just to us, but to or dogs too. I just got my dogs a Lixit automatic dog waterer. This attachment hooks right onto the hose bib, and allows them to get a drink whenever they need it, so they will never run out of fresh water at home. 

When we are out and about I always bring along a few extra bottles of water and a collapsible water bowl. They are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. They come with a carabineer, so they are easy to clip onto leashes, backpacks, belt loops, or a harness. Just make sure to buy one that is the right size for your pet.

And when we are hiking, Achilles carries his own water, bowl and treats in his Ruffwear backpack. It has two large saddlebags to carry all his stuff, and fits him perfectly. My Dozer and Tank used them for years and they hold up well! The newer versions now come with hydration bladders that are made to fit the pouches for better weight distribution and balance. 

2. If you have to take your dogs out, don’t let them walk on hot asphalt or concrete. Hot surfaces can burn a puppies pads quick and leave their feet painful and sore all summer.  We use puppy shoes to help protect our precious paws during summer outings. While it is hard to find shoes that fit the big dogs, we did find these Good2Go silicone boots that fit them pretty well. They don’t really like wearing them, but they protect their tootsies on hot summer days. Ruffwear also makes a shoe that is lightweight mesh and trail ready to give your pup the traction they need on the go.

3. Keep your backyard cool and shady. Outside dogs feel the heat all day long. Its important to give them a cool shady spot to get out of the sun and heat.

Daisy cooling off in the pool and afternoon shade in our backyard

Even though my pups spend most of the summer inside, we use sun sails and shade structures to help shade our back yard and keep the pool deck cool. We also have a patio misting system that helps cool the air on our patio making outdoor time much more enjoyable, not just for the dogs, but for the whole family.

Daisy really likes her Coolaroo pet bed, especially when she is wet. It gets her up off the ground and allows air to move around her, cooling her off.

Daisy & Achilles relaxing in the shade on their Coolaroo Pet Bed
Daisy playing in the pool
with her Outward Hound Turtle

4. Make pool time fun! My dogs love to be in the water. Most mornings, Daisy goes straight to the pool as soon as she wakes up.  It helps them stay cool and swimming is a great way for them to get exercise when it’s hot out. To make pool time more fun they have a nice assortment of floating pool toys, like the Kong Belly Flops Starfish, Octopus  & Lobster, and their Outward Hound Turtle & Crab that they can swim for. My pups can destroy squeaky toys within minutes, but both brands have held up to their ruff play in the pool, and made it through a whole season with only minimal damage. They float on top of the water and the furry guys love to swim for them. 

If you don’t have a swimming pool, you can always get a puppy pool for your dogs to play in like the Frontpet foldable dog pool or the All For Paws Dog Pool.

5. Give them cool treats! Just like people like Popsicles and ice cream in the summer time, so do puppies. The ingredients are just a little different. Sara and I use reusable icepop molds to make pupsicles with chicken or beef broth, sometimes we float dog treats inside and we use rawhide retriever sticks or carrots for handles. Our dogs love these frosty treats on a hot afternoon! 

6. Take them on day trips, hikes and camping trips. There is nothing my dogs like more than getting outdoors. During the summer months we take them with us on day trips, hikes and summer getaways where we get out of the heat of the valley and head to cooler climates. 

They love camping trips, hiking through the woods, road trips to the beach, and playing in lakes and creeks!

How do you and your pups beat the heat in the summertime? Have ideas we haven’t shared here? We would love to hear from you. Please share your comments, tips & ideas below.

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