Shortly after purchasing our Cyclone Toy Hauler the vent fan motor in the bathroom suddenly stopped working. This was a tragedy that was an afront to our senses. But because something always comes up that requires maintenance on an RV, it kept falling to the bottom of the list. That is until our trip to San Felipe last spring that resulted in Montezuma taking revenge on the whole group of us, and left uls wishing we had a way to vent not only our frustrations but the horrible odors as well.

At that time Ryan purchased a new motor assembly, but again it fell to the bottom of the list. Now as we are preparing to go to Baja again for the Score San Felipe 250 in March, it is suddenly becoming a priority once again. He pulled out the motor assembly he had bought the other day, only to find that it didn’t fit with the fan that we had.

Frustrated that he waited too long and missed the window to return or exchange the motor, he purchased a brand new Fan-Tastic Vent 1250. During the installation process he discovered that it didn’t fit the depth of our ceilings. Several calls to different customer service numbers at Dometic, all routed to the same individual voicemail, garnered no response.

After discussing the time, effort and expense he decided to return the Fan-Tastic Vent and purchase a Maxxfan Plus 4500 by MaxxAir.

He had already installed a similar one a couple years ago in the living room area of our RV to help vent the sweltering heat that fills the space during Arizona summers, and so far it has worked great. So while it might be overkill for a small little RV bathroom, it seemed like a reasonable solution to our problem. I mean lets face it, that is one space you want to keep well vented, especially when you eat street tacos and beach tamales as much as we do.

Accordinding to Ryan “Installation was a breeze. Pulled the old one out, scraped away some of the old sealer, put the new one in. Fit perfectly.”

He said ” The 2 wire hook up was a simple with the supplied connectors.”

Once he put the trim on again it fits perfect. He turned it on and was literally blown away.


He told me “This fan has enough power to suck the doors on our Cyclone closed. When I reversed the direction, it blew them open again.”

It seems pretty quiet even at the highest of the 10 speeds and it is super easy to operate. The fan not only vents, but can also be reversed for air intake to bring fresh air in from outside.

Automatic operation with handy remote control

The unit can be controlled from the knobs on it, but it also comes with a handy remote control, which is great for short people. You can set it to turn on and off automatically based on the room temperature detected by the built in thermostsat. So no more having to walk into a sweltering hot little bathroom when we are on the road. It even features a built rain sensor that closes the lid automatically when rain is detected so your interior stays dry.