So Facebook was so kind to remind me this morning of a trip from last year that I forgot to post up for you all. It’s an amazing little post card type of place that will overwhelm even the most seasoned traveler with its beauty.

View from the Restaurant at Alfonsina’s

BAHIA SAN LUIS GONZAGA on the eastern coast of Baja Norte is a sleepy little spot on the map that most have never heard of but most have likely seen the pictures. It’s a serene, secluded, relaxed  little place poised right at the edge of the clear warm waters of Gonzaga Bay on the Gulf of California.

Such Beauty!

Once you get there you can’t help but take in a deep breath of relaxation, I think it would be impossible not to. The warm sun, clean sea air, smell of fish cooking, and the knowledge that nothing is going to happen quickly hit you as soon as you step out of the car. This place whispers “slow down, relax, enjoy” quietly in your ears. 

A better view of the area.- Borrowed from Google

Bahia San Luis Gonzago mostly sits on a small slip of dirt that reaches for but never quite touches a massive loan mountain protruding from the sea bed just feet away. This creates a little peninsula of sand with a row of houses, RV sites, and a cute little restaurant and hotel at the end. The soft clean sand beach would be on the top of any magazine best of list if they ever saw it. Just walking along the calm edge its easy to look out and see a menagerie of fish, sun fish, star fish, crabs, birds circling, and larger fish jumping just off shore. 

Sea Birds everywhere

There are a couple areas for camping or to park your RV. Many options are isolated and right on the water. Be sure to be self contained as I am not aware of any RV areas with services or hook ups. WIFI? Not a chance. This really is old mexico, a place the modern world has largely forgotten. Rancho Grande right on the water has full sized spots for $10.00-$14.00 a night at last report. A few people have reported that there is no place to leave money, no office, and nobody ever came and asked for any. 

Other Camping Options

If that’s not your scene Alfonsina’s is a small hotel with a restaurant and 15 rooms right on the water but I would recommend making reservations early. Alfonsina’s is committed to responsible, environmentally friendly practices and as such has strict rules about littering and energy use. They are 100% solar powered and get their water from a well. They have kayaks and water toys for use, the restaurant is surprisingly good, the service is great, and the drinks are cold. 

Sitting on the Deck at Alfonsina’s

Taking a moment to walk the 20 feet to the water to fish can produce sea bass, yellowtail, mullet, corvina, grouper, pompano, trigger fish, and barracuda. If your there long enough the dolphins will come in and give you a show and if your there at the right time whales are known to calve in the area and Whale Sharks are a common sight. 

Whale Shark in Gonzaga Bay- Borrowed from Google

No matter how you stay and enjoy your visit, the true highlight of the trip will be the amazing scenic views and natural setting. Come ready to be blown away. 

More natural Beauty than should be allowed in one place!

Getting there is not terribly tough but remember its Mexico. Its 224 miles south of the U.S. Mexico boarder at Mexicali. Its a fairly strait shot but the roads are not consistent so be careful. In late 2018 a hurricane hit that knocked out large sections of the road making it impossible to get there. I’m told the roads are open again but dirt and diversions in places. Should not be to bad considering there are a lot of people on some of the RV forums that have gone recently and not mentioned the roads at all.  

World Famous “OH SHIT DIP” between San Felipe and Gonzaga Bay. We recommend if you see this you show down. 


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