Route 66 Auto Museum

Its no secret Bonny and I love road trips.  We love getting out on the open road with no plans or agenda. We randomly wobble around the country running into fun and adventure.  We love to explore and discover new places, at least new to us.

We have always romanticized the Route 66, talked about exploring the mother road!  We have always wanted to see more of it.  On our recent trip through New Mexico, we added another section of Route 66 to our traveled map.

On our travel through this section of Route 66, we stumbled onto the Route 66 Auto Museum.  Any place with a classic car on a pole and we just have to stop. 20170925_113921

What we found inside was a fun little collection of some really cool cars.


My Favorite


This Ol’Truck would be my daily driver!


Or Maybe this one???!!!


Route 66 Auto Museum

2436 Historic Rte 66

Santa Rosa, NM 88435

(575) 472-1966



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  1. I dig it man! If you guys are ever up in Seligman, AZ, which is also part of route 66 and the town for the inspiration behind the Disney movie Cars, there is a lot of old cars in the town, old buildings, and the amazing Snowcap restaurant. My dad grew up in this town and his friend’s family stills owns and operates the Snowcap. And my Grandpa still lives in the town. The Snowcap was even mentioned in the National Geographic, Route 66 issue. another one for the traveled map!

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