Washington Monument

This week I was reading a travel site that proposed to tell the reader the top 10 places to visit in the U.S.A. As I read I was nodding along, yes, yes, yes… But as I reached the end I realized NO, NO, NO….. I disagreed as the article did not mention Washington D.C. at all. For me it would have to be in the very top spot! So I decided to write this about our trip there two years ago. I know many of you have been but I am hoping to inspire you to go again.

As you may know, Bonny and I fly standby when ever we travel by air. Sometimes its horrible, days spent in airports only to be stuck there after the last flight leaves. Sitting in the middle of the very back row with someone reclined into your lap. Being split up and ending up sitting in the middle seats between a bunch of smelly strangers and fighting over the arm rest.

But sometimes its a wonderful thing causing us to spend days somewhere we hadn’t planned to stay but so thankful we are able to. One such marvelous accident was when we were trying to do Portland Maine and Portland Oregon in one trip for the “Tale of Two Portland” but we ended up instead in Washington D.C. for 4 days and loved every second of it.

Washington D.C. is absolutely amazing on so many levels, the sites, the history, the symbolism, the promises of liberty and freedom. I think the best thing about Washington D.C. however is the fact that almost everything is free. We walked around for days enjoying free museums, free landmarks, free tours at many locations. Its an amazing place where you can enjoy preserved history everywhere you look.

Another great thing about Washington D.C. is its walkability. We walked almost everywhere and almost all night. In the middle of the night we were still able to enjoy some of the most inspirational monuments and open air displays. If you go, take your comfortable shoes as we walked dozens of miles every day we were there.

Normally we would write about our suggestions. How you should stay _______, or you should eat _________, or even how you should visit _________. NOPE, not this time. no maps or suggestions from me. As I was writing this, I began to feel like an experience in Washington D.C. needs to be unique to each visitor. For me the history is exciting and engaging, I truly love it. For others, it might be about something else entirely. Make it yours. Indeed as an American, and I would argue even as a citizen of the world, Washington D.C. is yours in some way already. There is something there for everyone.

P.S. As the 4th of July has passed us by again, I encourage everyone to include a little patriotism in your life everyday. Don’t be 1 day a year patriots.

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