Have you ever gone on a trip and forgot to bring something? You feel it nagging at you in the back of your mind, but you’re not quite sure what it is. Well we did that today as we were heading out to San Felipe for the Baja 250 races! Watch the video to hear about what happened.

We even talked about it and said “whatever it is we can just buy it when we get there.” What we weren’t realizing was that what we forgot was the one thing we can’t buy in Mexico…our passports.
Well maybe we could find a guy who knows a guy who could hook us up, but we all know how that story would end.

It came to me about 75 miles from home as I realized this will be Boomer’s first trip out of the country and I asked him if he brought his passport. Doh! At least we remembered before we got there, because that would have really sucked. As it is, it added at least 2 1/2 hours and about 150 miles to our trip.

What is really funny was this wasn’t our first time going back home because we forgot something. The first time Ryan forgot his phone that had our confirmation for our campsite reservation and our Mexican insurance.

If you want to hear how Ryan really feels about this whole incident here is the first take. Just don’t watch it around little ones because he seems a bit f*ckstrated.

No worries though, we have passports in hand and are back on the road ready for yet another epic Baja adventure this weekend.

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