20170304_101514Spring time is here and one of our favorite things to do in the spring is visit the Arizona Renaissance Festival. With food, drinks, shows, games and jousting tournaments, this event offers loads of fun for the whole family. HUZZAH!

If you haven’t been yet this year, there is still time to go. They are open 10am to 6pm Saturdays & Sundays until April 2nd. You can purchase tickets at the gate, or buy them ahead of time at Fry’s food stores for a discount.

20170304_102112Here are some highlights of what you can look forward to at this medieval festival:

  1. Food, food and more food – I just can’t get enough of all the delicious food at the Ren Fest. From giant smoked turkey legs to bread bowls filled with stew they know how to fill you up. Not up for a big meal? That’s okay, they have plenty of other snacks to graze on while you walk around, like warm cinnamon roasted almonds, fresh baked soft pretzels and vegetarian breakfast sausages (big dill pickles). In the mood for chocolate? Stop by the Chocolate Maker and try the Queen’s Berries. They are juicy sweet strawberries dipped in chocolate. Need to cool off? How about a sorbet in a fruit bowl or a cool frosty adult beverage.20170304_14520920170304_181850
  2. Jousting – The jousting tournament is one of the highlights of the event. Make your way to the tournament arena for 1 or more of the 3 competitions that take place each day. There you can cheer for your favorite knight in shining armor or heckle the competition.
  3. Playing dress up – One of the best parts of going to the Renaissance Festival is getting all dressed up in period costumes. It’s ok if you didn’t plan your costume ahead of time. Their various costume shops will outfit you with everything you need to transform yourselves into a gallant lord and beautiful lady or a dirty pirate and his salty wench, or a sexy belly dancer.  Not ready to commit to buying a costume? That’s ok too. They have a rental shop right by the main entrance that will get you outfitted for the day.20170304_13584220170304_11270320170304_101845
  4. Laughing and dancing – While you are there make some time catch a show. They have 13 stages and a variety of on-stage and street performers that might have you rethinking your current career choice.


  5. Fire eating pirates – Where else can you see a pirate douse torches with his tongue and set his nipple on fire.
    Knotty Nauticals Shantyman eats fire
    Knotty Nauticals Shantyman eats fire

  6. Playing with knives – try your hand at knife and axe throwing, archery or jousting. Or visit one of the blacksmiths to accesorize your costume and get a really cool souvenir to take home with you.20170304_12571420170304_12563720170304_115857
  7. Men without pants –  You’ll see them walking all around, but the best ones can be found on stage. If you’ve never been to a Tartanic show you will not want to miss them! Don’t worry, they are easy to find, you’ll hear them blowing on their Highland bagpipes and beating their drums as they entertain you with music, dancing, comedy and stunts all with a Celtic Flair .
    Tartanic gets wild at their Men Without Pants show
    Tartanic gets wild at their Men Without Pants show
    The beautiful women of Tartanic perform Amazing Grace in sign language

  8. Take a medieval version of an Uber ride – Go for a spin on an elephant, camel or llama .  If you’re looking for a little faster form of transportation  you can ride  DaVinci’s Flying Machines,   Pirates Steam Airships, or the Throne Carousel . The Pirate’s Assault Catapult  will give you a bird’s-eye view of the festival,  just watch out for the birds of prey at the Falconer’s Heath right next door.20170304_11015020170304_10243620170304_105521
  9. Whips, flames and torture devicesAdam Crack will get the party started by whipping you into a frenzy with his fire whip. Next up check out the comedy team of London Broil and watch them juggle knives and flames. Or, see sword swallowing and fire juggling by Thom Sellectomy. Make sure to stop by the dungeon for a close-up look at medieval torture devices.
    Thom Sellectomy swallows swords and juggles flaming torches
    Thom Sellectomy swallows swords and juggles flaming torches

    Have you been naughty?
    Have you been naughty?
  10. Get insulted by a professional – After watching the performers roast each other, and themselves, hire a professional to roast your friends. You’ll find Shamus the Insulter strolling the streets, and for just a few bucks he will sling fabulously pointed barbs at the victim of your choice and have you laughing all day.

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