You plan for weeks, searching out the best rates.  Flights, Rental Cars, Hotels.  You bounce from website to website, or even apps to apps.  You plan out every piece of your trip.  The night before you lay out everything and pack what you think you will need.  You probably looked at the weather to know what to expect at your destination while you pack.  You put in something a little heavier incase its cooler or something lighter incase its unseasonably warm.  You shove everything into the smallest suitcase you can hoping to be able to carry it on and save luggage fees.  The day of your flight, you leave hours early, haul ass to the airport.  You park in an overpriced lot far from your terminal and walk, walk, run, walk.


You get to the ticket desk and stand in line.  You finally get your ticket and its time to run again.  Then you drag your tired body to the TSA security area and get to have an experience that borders on molestation.

TSA Lines.jpgtsa-patdown


BLAH, Blah, blah…. You can see where this is going and you’re not even to the plane yet. If this sounds like you, we can sympathise as its been us a number of times.  That’s why we changed things up and took greater control or our travels and lives.

We now take most of our vacations in our RV, a 44 foot monstrosity we lovingly call BigFoot.

First trip in Bigfoot 2015
Ready to start our trip up the Pacific Coast 2015


Let me tell you why the RV lifestyle works for us and may for you as well.

  1. Traveling or Vacationing in an RV brings families and Couples closer together! While this might just be my opinion, I stand by it as pretty close to fact.  When you travel or vacation in an RV you’re closer in proximity and just by that your more engaged and aware of others you’re with.  You share experiences more completely and get to know each other better.  I feel it encourages more considerate interactions with those you love.  When you travel or vacation via Airline and Hotel, it’s easier for families to spread out, disengage, tune out, and eventually this is expressed in unhappiness or poor attitudes. We once took a cruise.  As soon as we got on board, the kids disappeared and we only saw them infrequently while passing the ice cream machine.  When we travel in the RV we are engaged and enjoying each other. We cook meals together, laugh and share experiences, go for walks and bicycle rides, play games together like Uno and Trivial Pursuit, have movie nights, and generally live lives more together as families, friends, couples, loved ones.
    Bonny and I in Sonoita AZ
Bonny and I in San Diego


2. Where ever we go, we are home. Each evening we sleep in our bed on our linens.  I have my bathroom with my toilet seat. I have my shower with my soaps. I have my furniture and my TV set up my way.  I eat with my utensils on my plates.

Bonny in Bigfoot the day we bought it trying out the bed.
Bonny and I on the Deck of Bigfoot, having a drink and enjoying the sunset at Zion

3. I can take as many toys as I want or think I might need.  Plenty of space and tons of storage.  No carry on luggage for me.  I think of going somewhere and I can think to myself, “self, do you want to take the dirt bikes or quads?”  Maybe I want my kayaks along for the trip. Going to the beach, sure we can take the bicycles. There is always space for that extra something that will make a trip great.


4. We eat better and healthier when we have the RV.  Having our food and our kitchen to make what we want to eat really helps us travel feeling good.  How many times on a long trip have you eaten something you know you really didn’t want just because your out to eat for ever meal.  Not us.  Delicious healthy meals are at your fingertips. We regularly make healthy breakfasts to get us moving in the morning, either in our kitchen or outdoors on our Weber Q grill. And while traveling on the road it is super easy to just pull over, make some quick sandwiches, and we are back on the road.  And did I mention its way cheaper than eating out every meal?

5. Vacations are about relaxing, experiencing, seeing new things or re-experiencing old favorites.  This is almost always easier to do in an RV.  We go where we want, when we want.  Routes are our’s to find. We have no timeline but our own. Many times we have woken up somewhere beautiful and after a great healthy breakfast decided we would just stay there.

Yoga on a beautiful Washington lake

6. We go where we want, when we want! No schedules, no flight times, no check out times. Our timeline is our timeline.


7. Our four-legged family members always go with us in the RV.  No kennels while we fly away. We don’t have to worry the whole time how they are doing or are they being taken care of our way.  They enjoy the trips as much as we do.

Bonny and Achilles going for a ride in San Diego
Bonny, Achilles, and Daisy at Flaming Gorge Reservoir Utah 

8. Vacationing in an RV opens up a world of possibilities.  We can go camping in the mountains nestled in the tall pines, park along the Sea of Cortez and enjoy a party on the beach. We can ramble up the Pacific coast, no agenda, no plans, no cares.  We can enjoy a drink after a lovely meal looking up at the sun setting over the Grand Tetons.  We can park on a desert mesa looking down into Zion National Park.  A million amazing places without regard accommodations.

The view from our front porch overlooking Zion National Park

9. Vacationing in an RV brings you closer to nature. It puts you right into nature. 3 steps down the stairs and you’re in what ever natural environment you chose. Throw out the chairs, hang the hammock, light a fire and you’re camping. But you’re in nature on your terms.  Weather gets bad, you go inside and throw on a movie and pop some popcorn.  Spend the day out dirt biking in the mud after a rain, get back to the RV and a quick shower is all it takes to be clean and comfortable again. Try that in a tent.

Oncoming traffic in Yellowstone National Park
Bighorn Sheep relaxing in the spring sunshine in Yellowstone National Park
Bonny and Achilles at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park


While an RV is surely not for everyone, there is a type, size, or style of RV for anyone who wants one.  If you’ve never done it, I encourage you to take a look and see if its right for you and your family. If you think it might be something you’re interested in exploring, check out my previous post 9 Tips for Choosing the Best RV for You.wp-1474491821925.jpg